ÁRVORE DA VIDA by Meiló Minotaur - Currently Showing in the Exhibition Pavilion #1 @theGBTHproject

A Árvore da Vida é uma ode à Natureza e à sua resistência.

Apesar dum presente sombrio, está confiante de que o homem seguirá um caminho que conduza à sua regeneração.

The Tree of Life is an ode to Nature and its resilience.

Despite a dark present, he is confident that Man will follow a path that will lead to his regeneration.

Meiló Minotaur (meilo.minotaur) -
in Second Life since 15/06/2008

Meilo Minotaur is an artist with a background in Sculpture. She was a member of the handicrafts group, Gárgula, and has participated in several international exhibitions and won various prizes.

Since 2008 she has devoted her artistic activity to the metaverse, working individually and collaboratively in the Second Life virtual environment where she has held several solo exhibitions, and collaborated with artists from different fields and nationalities.
Together with CapCat Ragu she is the builder of the Second Life Sim Delicatessen, that has held projects such as "de Maria, de Mariana, de Madalena", "Petrified" and "Meta_Body".

Exhibition Credits

Meiló Minotaur

Livio Korobase

Marina Münter