Region wide art incubator in Second Life

The GBTH Project is an art incubator founded by Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident) in October 2017. 

Four pavilions for installations and environments

Are you an artist or designer practicing in Second Life? Do you have a proposal of exhibition that would be constrained inside a prefabricated building? Have good communication skills? Excited about being part of our journey in celebrating virtual gallery work? We dispose of four pavilions – 64x92m (6144m²) parcel – to develop your work.

Send us an email at with your proposal!

Annual collective 3D interventions on the region / GBTH x Rachel Breaker

Inspired by toy art, collectibles, and exhibitions like the Cow Parade and the Berlin Bears, the format of this annual exhibition was created, adapted for Second Life audiences and resources.

Since the very first round, that happened in January 2019, the idea was to be able to create something collective, that would allow residents with different skill sets to develop something together, exploring new possibilities or even challenging themselves to attempt something out of their comfort zone.

As always, participating in this exhibition is open to anyone that would like to partake and has the basic building skills and UV map knowledge required to retexture and/or reassemble objects in SL. There is no fee to join this exhibition, and all the figurines are available for purchase upon their exhibition. The profit of each sale is split equally, through a script, between the figurine artist, Rachel Breaker and the GBTH.

To apply for the upcoming rounds, please join the GBTH project’s group and be mindful of the notices.

The first one on this format, CONTAMINATED, inspired us to adapt to a full sim environment. Instead of occupying one of the 4 parcels for the artistic residency program, the figurines will be all over the sim. More info about it and how to apply for future opportunities coming soon!

Scenic urban environment open 24/7

What before was a challenge to close the parcel to set up a new exhibition, now won’t be an issue anymore! Visitors are welcome to visit us anytime they feel like and there will be an urban environment to visit, hangout, chill and check the installations open at the time.

Community Gateway Program

Coming soon is our tutorial for the Community Gateway Program! Meaning that aside from helping newcomers, people that are not Second Life users will be able to sign up on the grid through our website. More info coming soon!