DESCARNE by Cibele Cibernética - Currently Showing in the Exhibition Pavilion #2 @theGBTHproject

Welcome, digital traveller!

Aren't you tired of the limitations of your physical body?
Did you ever wish to be upgraded?
Or to be part of something bigger than your human carcass?

DESCARNE invites you to get rid of your flesh and upload your soul to the cyberspace.

You are already half way there,
Surrender now.

Cibele Cibernética is the digital projection and drag alter ego of new media artist Lucas Nova, also known as Cyberpathology. The brazilian artist started their 3D artistic experimentations back in 2017, while getting their degree in Arts and Design. Since then, their work in digital platforms accumulated millions of views. But it was only one year ago, in the middle of the pandemic, when Nova discovered Second Life and its infinite possibilities.

Nova's iconography plays around the cybernetic addiction and consumism of today's society. We see our devices as windows to the world, our avatars as our main way of self-expression and social interaction. The distinction between organic and synthetic becomes smaller each day. In the year of 2021 everyone has their face stuck in screens, making us modern-day cyborgs. Longing for more and more immersion.