IN OTHER WOR(L)DS by Whiskey Monday - Currently Showing in the 2D Gallery @theGBTHproject

Whiskey Monday is a writer that also manifests herself artistically through photography in Second Life.

In this exhibition, she brings two series of images with almost 10 years apart between them, exploring the link between image and text, inviting us to question the role of the title in an image as she blurs the line between second and first lives.
Most of my SL images begin as words in my RL journals. I'm not a visual artist, I’m a writer, so I generally express myself via words instead of images. A turn of phrase or a word will get stuck in my head, and I find that creating an image in SL that is inspired by those words helps me "let go" of them. I also find that, when I'm having trouble with my writing, creating images in SL can help break the writer's block I have around a topic or a piece.

These SL images are shown with their RL journal inspiration pages. I carry small notebooks with me at all times to jot down observations, phrases, thoughts, memories, and quotes read or overheard. As I never intended to show these pages, there are likely a few quotes written here that are not my own.